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Cloud Security

BlackWater Network Security can assist an organization in creating a broad set of security controls, policies, and technologies designed to protect the associated cloud infrastructure.


According to McAfee, a leading security application company, 1 in 4 companies using public cloud services have experienced data theft by a malicious actor (What is the Cloud How to Secure the Cloud, n.d.). BWNS believes that a well-designed security strategy will greatly reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack.

BWNS recommends some of the following security strategies to mitigate the risk:


Encryption is a process (algorithms) that make the readable information unreadable to anyone without the key. In many cases, data should be encrypted while at rest (storage) and while in transit.

Identity and Access Management (IAM):

IAM is the process of identifying, authenticating. authorizing, and keeping track of what users do and when they do it. This control is also responsible for making sure that unauthorized users are denied access to an organization’s information.

Misconfiguration of Security Settings for Cloud Platforms:

According to InfoWorld,  Nine in ten companies have real concerns about security risks due to misconfiguration (InfoWorld, n.d.). Misconfigured cloud services expose an organization's information to the wider internet attackers.

Backup Plans:

Backup and retention must be planned and implemented before it is needed. Backups need to be protected and available in case of lost or tampered data. In the case of disaster, access to backups as a failover plan can be critical to an organization's survival.

Consistent Security Policies:

An organization needs to have sound and consistent policies across it entire infrastructure. BWNS can assist in the review and update an organization policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.

User and Employee Education:

The largest percentage of security infringements are cause by users being victimized by cyber attacks such as phishing, scams, viruses and trojans. BWNS CyberSAFE program is one of the many ways BWNS help its clients address the many issues that end users may face.  

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