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BlackWater Network Security

Offering Network Security Services to organizations that want, need or must improve their security posture. BWNS will strengthen current cybersecurity policies and show you how to effectively mitigate risk.

BWNS offers:

  • Ongoing Security Awareness Training

  • Phishing Simulations

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • E-mail Encryption

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Third-party Penetration Testing

  • Security Audits

Our Services

BlackWater Network Security supports everyday changing and challenging technological evolution. We continuously adapt to industry changes by providing your organization with Cyber Security Consultation throughout the full life cycle with agile methodologies. BWNS implements leading edge solutions to protect your critical information and systems.

Our Services

Cyber Awareness Training 

BWNS provides comprehensive Information Security and Privacy Management specializing in IT Security Services and Cyber Security Strategies. We implement training and awareness by providing best practices for IT departments and User Awareness.  We provide in-depth innovative technological solutions that address the rapidly emerging threats found in today's dynamic technologies.

Vulnerability  Assessment 

BWNS will assess your organization’s Security Infrastructure and potential exposed risks by targeting possible internal and external threats.  We provide a vulnerability report and outline options and recommendations to mitigate the risks and security gaps on vulnerable access points.

Cloud Security

BWNS consistently provides controls that work together with cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. Our security and network support focus on security monitor solutions and systems performance while maintaining custom applications for the purpose of detection of new and zero-day security threats.

Disaster Recovery

BWNS capabilities in network, systems, services, and processes are designed, implemented, and tested to meet Federal Information Processing Standards Publications (FIPS PUB). Our Disaster and Continuity of Operations Plan establishes a scenario-based exercise to test these plans and recommend solutions during disruption, crisis, or disaster. Our multidisciplinary team of experts are committed to finding long-term solutions designed specifically for your organization. The results are complete consistent optimization of business activity and meeting customer security goals.

Risk Assessment

BWNS conducts Risk Assessments in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard procedures.

We provide required security documents and supporting information for security testing and assessment. By combining complex technologies with progressive professionals’ expertise our Risk Assessment transforms your organizations vulnerabilities into a road map of IT and CyberSecurity solutions.


BWNS provides gap analysis on an organizations data information system this could include review and recommendations for improvements of cybersecurity guidelines, polices, procedure and practices. According to the FCC “Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft” (Commission. n.d.)


“To keep data safe and freely flowing for those who need information to effectively make wise decisions, communicate and make life better. ”

Kirk L. Mooring


BlackWater Network Security 

Ready to find out more?

Contact BWNS to find out how we can help improve your organizations information security posture.

We offer Cyber Awareness Training, Vulnerability Assessment and other security services that will help your organization maintain compliancy and improve its security stance. 

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